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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer is a programme designed to equip participants with both the abilities and confidence needed to train others.

Our most popular implementation is the train the trainer model.

PlanDomino was created with modern software and user experience (UX) design (see Demo) resulting in rapid adoption and ease of use. To further ensure successful implementation, the application is supported by multiple training formats; from live training to short-form explainer videos. Training resources include the following:

  • Live on-line instructor-led classes designed around your laboratory – User Training or Train the Trainer
  • Training manual – a step by step guide to configuring and operating your lab
  • Training Site – Trainees login to the PlanDomino training site where they follow the training manual steps and experiment with workflows relevant to their workplace
  • On-Demand long form training sessions linked to training manual – suitable for new users post initial implementation On-demand Short form instruction videos available in app – suitable for new users or troubleshooting in-app
  • Interactive user manual with supporting short form video ‘explainers’ – suitable for function-specific rapid information

For more information on our training programs, please email