Managing laboratory operations is seamless with PlanDomino. As batches arrive they are automatically grouped in required workflows, queued for scheduling and allocated to analysts. The system adjusts to your workload and allows management to move or share resources across teams.



High Variability of Incoming Workloads

QC laboratory workload varies daily, weekly and, sometimes, monthly. Workload is highly dependent on product volume (smaller batches) and mix in production and raw materials purchasing cycles. Scheduling is further complicated by ongoing production scheduling changes and a need to reprioritise testing activity.

Levelled Workloads Across Teams and Labs

The Levelling, Flow and Standard Work methodology automatically manages the ups and downs of workload variability. Priorities are automatically updated as the environment changes. Changing your schedule is made easy with the PlanDomino user interface and workflow manager.



Elevated Cycle Times & WIP

Non-flowed management of samples and tests results in disruptions, delays, and elevated volumes of work in progress (WIP).

Flowed Testing Paths Through The Lab

The flow of samples through the laboratory is seamless. Scheduled tests are offered the shortest path to completion resulting in shorter cycle times and less WIP.



Siloed & Dedicated Resources

Siloed resources are dedicated to products or test methods. This results in higher volatility in each analyst’s workload and hence lower productivity.

Shared & Flexible Resources

Cross training requirements are easily identified, gaps in capacity and skills are highlighted in real time and sharing of resources across laboratories and Teams is facilitated by visual shared timelines for each resource.


Transform Decision Making With New Data

Previously unavailable data is now available through PlanDomino – visualize & analyze performance, quality, productivity, capacity and utilization data (historical & real-time)



Difficult & Time Consuming To Measure

Collecting and collating performance data is time consuming, unreliable, and usually out of date. In some cases, metrics are not available due to the difficulty in collation and collection.

Automated Real Time & Historical Metrics

A multitude of performance data (Productivity, Quality and Service) delivered to customised dashboards is available in real-time.



Static Boards With Limited Information

Large whiteboards with many moving parts (Cards, Magnets, Metrics) are managed by specialised staff, each of whom has their ‘own way of doing things’.

Digital Display Harmonized Across Teams

Digital Interactive Screens display metrics, schedules, batch progress, capacity, workload backlog queue. All delivered in real-time and is harmonized across teams, labs and Site.



Expert Advice Required to Sustain

Bespoke & complex scheduling systems are commonplace in laboratories. They are usually developed by an individual who may move to another role or company – causing disruption when improvements are required.

System Encourages & Supports CI Efforts

PlanDomino analyses your operational data, recommends where you should concentrate continuous improvement (CI) efforts and the potential benefits (analyst hours) from taking action.