Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

PlanDomino’s cloud technology enables several types of solution deployment. The most common deployments are on the PlanDomino Cloud or on the Client’s Private Cloud infrastructure.  Cloud based solutions provide many benefits, chief among which is the ease of rolling out updates and patches.  This can be done globally for a multi-site deployment or can be done in a controlled way to assess impact before full scaling.

Implementation of PlanDomino can be provided through partners or directly through PlanDomino. The decision to choose one over the other may depend on your laboratory’s maturity and previous efficiency projects.


Configuration and implementation of PlanDomino. Remote implementation of the solution can be managed by the PlanDomino team, including solution configuration, resource definition, user management and schedule activation. This approach may suit smaller labs and trial deployments. PlanDomino can also provide comprehensive training to the lab management and personnel.


A successful training program is key to the success of your laboratory’s adoption of the new software. See more here on training options for consultants, site OpEx, Lab managers, Supervisors/Leads and analysts. Learn more about Training here.


Additional services through partners may be available, including large scale multi-site deployment, local hosting on private cloud infrastructure, consulting, management, and training.


PlanDomino can offer support services to suit your requirements. Please contact us to discuss options

Integrating with LIMS, SAP, and other third-party providers

PlanDomino is an API based platform. This means that it can be easily integrated with other technology providers. Speak to our experts about your systems and third-party integration requirements