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PlanDomino is changing the way laboratories across the globe manage resources and connect with their customers

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New Thinking

PlanDomino is a mix of Lean Laboratory & software experts who have developed new technologies for managing complex laboratories

Transforming Laboratories

Our clients benefit from our years of experience of transforming laboratories in to “World Class Lean” operations

Digital Technology

PlanDomino helps our clients to maximize capacity and efficiency and track activity in the laboratory

Customer Support

We are dedicated to the long term support of our clients. Through our cloud based system your laboratory will automatically get updates and new features

Our Story

PlanDomino is the coming together of years of experience of “Lean Laboratory Transformation” and modern software design. Paper based lean laboratory solutions take considerable internal and external effort to implement, are rigid solutions and are difficult to extract metrics. The laboratory environment is constantly changing and so the lean solution must also change. The Digital Lean Laboratory solution takes less effort to implement, is dynamic (the solution automatically changes to match your needs),

  • Reduction in time to implement (compared to paper based solution) 95%
  • Estimated reduced effort to implement (compared to paper based solution) 97%
  • Estimated improved availability of laboratory process metrics 90%
  • Estimated reduction in time spent tracking samples 80%

automates metrics, encourages and enables continuous improvements and connects the laboratory to it’s customers. PlanDomino is dedicated to designing optimum solutions for laboratories working in all industries across the globe. We are committed to continuous improvement of laboratory processes, measurement of laboratory processes and lean systems for laboratories.

PlanDomino Team

Dr. Greg Heaslip

Dr. Greg Heaslip


Founder/CEO. Greg is a serial entrepreneur with over 27 years of business experience. He worked for over 4 years as a Senior Real Lean Consultant at EFESO Pharma & Labs and BSM. He practiced Real Lean Laboratory & QA Practices in the following sectors: Major generics pharmaceutical manufacturers in Slovenia, Germany and Ireland; large FMCG manufacturers in Germany, France, Russia, Greensboro NC and Phoenix AZ (USA); Major biologics manufacturer in Syracuse, New York (US); Branded Pharmaceutical manufacturer in France and Medical Device manufacturer in France.

Greg helped the world’s leading Life Science companies to achieve truly Lean standards in Productivity and Velocity in their Manufacturing, Laboratory, QA and Regulatory Affairs activities. He did this by helping them to implement the long established but little-understood Real Lean practices of Levelling, Flow and Standard Work, in tandem with the generic Waste Elimination techniques. Clients included: Novartis (Sandoz), Bristol-Myers Squibb, Proctor & Gamble, GSK, Actavis and Allergan.

In addition to having worked as a lean consultant, Greg has run a family business as a Director from 1991 till 2001. He cofounded Squareii Entertainment Ltd., a computer games company, in 2007. After selling his stake in the games business in 2009 he founded Aurum Recycling Ltd., a successful precious metals recycling business. Greg has a B. Eng. in Production Engineering and also received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Limerick in 2005 where his research focused on accelerated environmental testing for mobile electronics. He has cowritten and collaborated on 9 research papers (

Greg speaks English, French and Russian.

Victor Heid Kunamitsu Mikó

Victor Heid Kunamitsu Mikó


Experienced Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience, with most recent projects focused on Web Applications development, designing and developing systems using recent standards and technologies, analyzing customer and system requirements in order to architect appropriate solutions. His previous work experience includes working on software development projects at Ericsson, Unilever and Ipsos, being involved both on management and hands-on developing throughout his career.

Personal strengths include analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills, passion for coding standards and improving the overall personal/team quality of delivery. Victor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the Universidade São Judas Tadeu in Brazil.

As CTO of PlanDomino Victor is responsible for technology oversight and strategy, software development project management, software requirements engineering and systems analysis, software development process design, system architecture and network design and security.

Trevor Durity

Trevor Durity


Trevor has experience in software development in the retail and financial markets (Bank of Scotland, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Halifax, Woolwhich, Edgars, Jessops, Sobey’s, Albertsons, Osco, SavOn, Tesco), web development, VLE management and server deployment for national organisations, requirements engineering, Project Management and development and quality process design.

For the past 13 years Trevor has focused on web-based software development, information security and server architectures, particularly in the Education sector. His responsibilities in Digilogue include choice of platforms, technologies and architectures for use in development and deployment of Digilogue’s systems for public and private sectors. He is also responsible for process design, project management of said projects from conception through deployment and maintenance. 

Advisory Board

Dr. John Breslin

Dr. John Breslin

Advisory Board

Director of TechInnovate and a Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering at the National University of Ireland Galway. He is also a Co-Principal Investigator at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. He co-created the SIOC framework (Wikipedia article), implemented in hundreds of applications (by Yahoo, Boeing, Vodafone, etc.) on over 25,000 websites.

He has written 175 peer-reviewed academic publications (with best paper awards from SEMANTICS, ICEGOV, ESWC, PELS), and co-authored the books “The Social Semantic Web” and “Social Semantic Web Mining”. John is co-founder of (Ireland’s largest discussion forum website; Wikipedia article), (classified ads website), and StreamGlider (real-time streaming newsreader app).

He has won two IIA Net Visionary awards. He is co-founder of Startup Galway and the Galway City Innovation District/PorterShed (

Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan

Advisory Board

Mary is Assistant Director of WestBIC (, the Business & Innovation Centre in the West of Ireland. She has over twenty years of experience of providing tailored support to early stage and developing enterprises, across a broad range of industry sectors in terms of investment readiness and access to finance.

In addition, she provides specialist advice and support to third level colleges, relating to the development of Innovation/Incubation Centres and the stimulation of campus spin-offs. She has also been involved in a number of transnational projects aimed at providing support for developing and internationalising SME’s.

Charlie Mulligan

Charlie Mulligan

Advisory Board

Charlie is a Director at Aerogen – Aerogen Pharma develops superior treatment options for hospitalised patients undergoing mechanical ventilation. They are focused on becoming the leading specialty pharmaceutical company in aerosol drug delivery for the acute care setting (

He served as the Managing Director of Digital Equipment’s European Operations. He has extensive experience in business management. He provided Management advisory services to major multinational companies, such as Boston Scientific and Medtronic.

He served as Director/Chairman of a number of indigenous companies, including Accuris Ltd., (Telecoms software R&D), Plasmedics/Nelipak (Medical Packaging), and Merrillbrink International (Localisation services). He has been a Director of of Vysera Biomedical Limited since 2006. He has served on the Board of the State-owned Telecom Eireann prior to its flotation and also on the board of directors of a number of other successful ventures.

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